Monday, July 29, 2013

Wine Time: Giving Rose a Chance

When did Rose get such a bad wrap? Probably has something to do with it being sold in massive bottom-shelf jugs (you know the ones I'm talking about). Maybe it's pink color means that we don't take it seriously. Whatever the source of ill-repute, it was never a wine that I wanted to try.... until this summer.

One of my dear friends -- a woman of impeccable taste -- brought a bottle to a recent outdoor picnic and I was so pleasantly surprised. Tart, fruitful and crisp, but with more complexity and body than most of the whites I typically favor in the summer. Completely refreshing on a midsummer's eve. And I've been on a kick ever since. How had I completely ignored this entire category for so many years?

So here are some of the bottles I've been digging...

My Favorite....
Grand Bois, Domaine Les Cote du Rhone -- About $13 at my local wine store
Medium-body, with sweet florals.

The Runner-Up..

Mulderbosch -- About $10 at my local wine store
Refreshing acidity, with a hint of berry.

Best Budget Buy...

La Ferme Julien -- Available at Trader Joe's for around $9
Less tart, but fruit-filled.


  1. We had the same revelation when we visited Napa last year (God. I did not mean for that to sound so pretentious.) We tasted a french-style Rose and were in love. It must appeal to us red wine drinkers :)

    Mulderbosch is one of our favorites!

  2. Heather -- I'd take a nice rose over an over-apple-y pinot grigio any night. So nice to find something different!


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