Monday, July 22, 2013

Weekend Reading

....a few days late...

My friend Mikinzie over at Atypical Redhead nailed all the reasons dating can be rough. While I'm not on the market, I remember every feeling.
~via Atypical Redhead

The bedroom is filled with gray and ice blue, but I think we need a serious P-O-C (pop of color). This has me thinking coral.
~via Centsational Girl

"The idea of literalism in the Bible is a relatively new phenomenon." Heard a fascinating interview with Reza Aslan on Fresh Air this week. What if we viewed the historical Jesus as activist? Need to add Zealot to my reading list.
~via Fresh Air

You wish you looked as good as Katherine Hepburn or Hemingway in your passport photo. Old timey foxiness!
~via Visual News

Make yourself a dang quesaDILLA!
~via How Sweet It Is

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