Wednesday, July 3, 2013

Long Weekend Reading

Do you ever find yourself aimlessly clicking around Buzzfeed and on a Saturday afternoon? No? Just me? Womp, womp. 

As my friends are painfully aware, I read a lot of blogs/news and have been known to email around articles with great frequency. I'm going to try to round up these articles for you guys to enjoy over the weekend. There will surely be lots of food, but also the other random stuff I read in a given week. 

Favorite insta of the week... a sunset behind an industrial building on Wash. Ave.

Here we go...

Classiest.Jello.Shots.Ever  - These look amazing and far more impressive than the ones you made in college ~ via TheKitchn

Did you know that Nirvana and Soundgarden had the same bassist and the poor guy got fired from both bands? Even crazier, he went on to become a highly decorated fighter in U.S. Special Forces. Fascinating piece in NY Times Magazine.
~via the New York Times

This is a smart approach to all-day drinking. Start heavy with fruit at the bottom and pour less and less wine each time. Lightweights take note!
~via TheKitchn

Hey Ho meets Harry Caray. Cracked my shit up.
~via YouTube

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