Wednesday, July 24, 2013

Kitchen Gear: Insta-Read Thermometer

Hot or not? No, this isn't an early 2000s website, this is a review of a meat thermometer. #SexyTimes

I'd wanted this one for awhile. After seeing it on countless episodes of America's Test Kitchen, I finally bought the Thermoworks Thermapen. Simplicity of design here -- no buttons, large display, no beeps, no settings -- just accurate temperature. Annnnd... I love it.

We have trashed at least three digital thermometers in the past two years, most to dysfunctional buttons or a bit of water. The Themapen is not cheap (around $100), but if it holds up like they say, it will be worth it. Splash-proof too, so as long as we don't submerge it, we should be in the clear.

The biggest benefit for me is the speed of the read. The temperature shows up immediately, without having to fiddle with buttons.

14 colors available. I've never seen this thing in a retail outlet, so buy direct from Thermoworks 

This one is a winner.

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