Friday, July 12, 2013

Weekend Reading

Insta of the Week: Pancake Breakfast for the Husband's 30th Birthday. 

I'm a Millennial who's sick of getting ragged on by every other generation. Maybe this makes me as narcissistic as they say I am. Need a good comeback for these arguments with your elders? Site this amazing editorial cartoon piece. Key line: "Stop hating on Millennials. We didn't create this mess. We came late to the banquet and were served up the crumbs." Boom.
~via CNN

Interesting gallery of photos from Afghanistan in the 50s and 60s. While war-torn for the better part of the last century, there was a brief rebuilding period in the mid-twentieth century that included moderate easing of conservatism. I love the first shot of the female medical students.
~via The Atlantic

The Husband turned 30 this week, which makes mine feel more imminent. Buzzfeed nailed it, this is my life.
~via Buzzfeed

If this blog were a beer, I think it would be an IPA on a good day, but maybe more Corona on the regular. Bitter goals.
~via Foodbeast

I want to live here. Light n' bright, unexpected pops of color, kilims and clean-lined furniture. All of it is to.die.
~via Desire to Inspire

Wanting this purse to tote around my DSLR. Wrapping it in a scarf probably isn't adequate protection.
~via Lo and Sons

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