Monday, November 4, 2013

Food Blogger in a Food Desert

Food and how we get it can be a complicated thing. No, this isn't another blogger on a soapbox about local and organic, it's about where we do our most basic shopping. Truth is, I'm a food blogger living in a food desert. 

If you're unfamiliar the term, it means that I live in an area where fresh, affordable and healthy food is unavailable. See all that green below? Those are the areas around my home where there is no grocery store within a mile. 

Is it annoying that I have to get on a highway to go to the grocery store? Yes, but that's not why I'm writing about it. That sad reality is, I live just a few blocks from an affordable housing development where many of its residents don't have automobile access. This leaves many of my neighbors to buy their groceries at the local Walgreen's. I'm grateful it's there, but they just don't have the fresh food offering of a grocery store.

But there are some exciting things happening around here. Not one, but TWO groceries stores are being built in the neighborhood. And there will be a little something for everyone: 
  • Field Foods is full-service market opening up in early 2014 and will cater to food lovers like me, with a focus on local ingredients. 
  • Save-A-Lot is opening in just a few weeks. Couldn't be more excited for an affordable grocery store to serve low-income members of the community. 
Grocery stores are transformative things for neighborhoods. Not only for sheer livability, but it's where we come together. How many times have you stood in the aisles talking to a neighbor? 

Mad applause for both Field Foods and Save-A-Lot for coming into the city and supporting our growing neighborhood. 

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