Monday, November 18, 2013

Thanksgiving To Do List

Calling all type-A control freaks... I've got a Thanksgiving to do list! This is not the day to wing-it and start in the morning. Nope, this is a time for precision and strategy. This girl loves a timeline!

So here's what needs to happen to get my Thanksgiving dinner to the table. Print it off and strike through with another color as you accomplish tasks for extra points. Color-coding and to do lists? Organizational heaven. If only I could incorporate labels. A girl can dream!

This Week
Order turkey
Thank my mother profusely for ironing the table cloth and napkins
Draft grocery list
Dish check – Figure out what everything will be served in, borrow dishes from my parents, as needed
Pick-up fryer from my father
Specialty shopping – International foods store for spices, cooking gas

Two Days Before
Grocery shopping
Make pie dough – refrigerate overnight

Day Before
Buy ice
Prepare pies
Prepare spiced peaches
Prepare cranberry salsa
Prepare spiced pecans
Prepare whipped goat cheese

Thanksgiving Day
Prepare herb butter for turkey and inject under skin of bird, hand-off for The Husband to fry
Roast turkey legs
Prepare green bean casserole
Clean and prep Brussels sprouts
Bake herb bread
Prepare hot cider in slow cooker
Set the table

Two hours before dinner
Plate hard cheeses and bring to room temperature

An hour(ish) before dinner
Prepare and bake-off cornbread dressing
Bake green bean casserole
Bake sweet potatoes
Bake mashed potatoes

30 Minutes Before Dinner
Cook Brussels sprouts

Just before meal
Carve turkey
Prepare gravy using roasted turkey legs

Dessert Time
Prepare fresh whipped cream

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