Monday, November 11, 2013

Weeknight Idea: Brown Butter Butternut Ravioli

True story... I had a pasta-making birthday party in the 5th grade. Some kids wanted to play laser tag, naturally I thought manual labor in the kitchen would be more fun. Thanks to the kids who stayed friends with me. I still think pasta-making is a pretty rocking Saturday night, but let's get real, no one can deal with that shit on a Monday. So how do you make it a decent homemade dinner on a weeknight?

Start with a great pre-made pasta products.Trader Joe's leads the pack in my opinion and I'm a big fan of the butternut squash raviolis. Put together a quick homemade sauce, some fresh vegetables and you've got yourself a jazzy little dinner.

So let's have a quick conversation about brown butter. Perfect sauce on a fly. It's awesome and takes 5 minutes. You literally just melt butter until it gets toasty with a sprig of herbs. So flippin' tasty. Really good with sweeter veggies like butternut squash or pumpkin.

Melt butter over low heat and watch for it to foam. That means the moisture in the butter is being released. Once the moisture is gone, the milk fat can toast. Every stove is different, so watch your butter closely once the foam subsides... it should turn a golden brown quite quickly. Always keep it moving and serve immediately once you've reached that golden color.

I mean, it's no 1995 fettucine, but get 'er done.

Brown Butter Butternut Ravioli 
1 package Trader Joe's butternut squash ravioli
3 tablespoons butter
3 sprigs rosemary
Sprinkle of parmesan cheese

Prepare butternut squash ravioli according to package instructions. Drain and set aside.

Melt butter over low heat and add rosemary sprigs. Swirl butter in pan and watch closely for it to foam. Once foam subsides watch closely until butter turns golden. Remove rosemary and add ravioli. Toss and serve immediately over sauteed kale. Enjoy!

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