Thursday, July 19, 2012

Sometimes I Eat in Front of the Fridge

Since starting this whole blog thing, a lot of people have commented that the Husband and I must eat very well. This is true... at least when I actually cook something.

The harsh reality is, like most of you, I have a job. I go to it every day and some weeks it kicks my ass (this being one). I try my best to plan for the week and have wholesome, delicious foods at the ready, but sometimes I fail. And sometimes I eat standing in front of the fridge.

If you saw the other side of this photo, you'd see me standing around in my underwear with smeary lipstick pondering a work presentation, all while the dog licks my foot. #glamorous

Deep dark secret is out then. I ate edamame and string cheese for dinner tonight. Had two baby carrots while I tried to make a crappy cell phone picture more colorful. That totally counts as a full serving of veggies, right?

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