Sunday, July 8, 2012

Cocktail Hour: Cilantro Bloody Mary

Chilly mountain breezes, jello-leg inducing hikes, family belly laughs, rich meal after rich meal and mornings with Mary. Bloody Mary that is. 

The Morgan family knows a thing or two about Bloodies and this vacation we stepped it up with cilantro-infused vodka. Notice the green tint to the vodka below...that's the good stuff. 

Infusing sounds fancy, but really all we did was soak one bunch of cilantro in vodka. 

Snazzy preparation in a snazzy vacation rental kitchen (that completely lacks natural light).

Just soak overnight in the fridge. No heating or complicated prep needed.

Add delicious, flavorful vodka to your favorite Bloody Mary mix. I'm obsessed with Zing Zang and Smoke Daddy mixes. Of course, there is a ton of personal preference associated with ze Bloody Mary. Lime wedges, Worcestershire sauce or hot sauce are great adds to your favorite mix.

Cilantro Bloody Mary
1 bunch cilantro, thoroughly washed
1 bottle vodka
1 bottle Bloody Mary mix
Lime wedges and celery stick, for garnish

Add cilantro and vodka to a large pitcher and soak overnight. Strain vodka and remove cilantro. Combine one shot vodka with about 1.5 cups of Bloody Mary mix (or to your taste).


  1. OMG why did I never think of this?! Great recipe!

    xoxo, Emily

  2. Thanks Emily. The cilantro really does give it that extra pep!



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