Monday, February 25, 2013


You've heard me talk about him - okay like a lot. One year ago today we adopted the most wonderful little dog, our Howard. Never in the history of dogs has there been a more loving, snugly pupper.

After the loss of my elderly (and contrary to popular opinion, sweet) cat in late 2011, The Husband and I decided to be stereotypical newlyweds and get a dog. This was a much thought decision and we carefully considered what size, age and energy level would be appropriate for our lifestyle. Given our work schedules, we sought something small, low energy and adult (a puppy seemed pretty daunting). That fateful Saturday we headed to PAWS, a wonderful no kill shelter here in Chicago.

I wish I could say I picked him, but he picked me. From the moment he curled up in a tiny ball in my lap, I knew he was our dog. Oh and I was a crying hot mess. No joke.

This scruffer had been picked up as a stray and in addition to multiple infections, was a too thin 7lbs with fur matted to the skin. After a good groom, an improved diet (he's a healthy 11.5lbs these days) and lots of belly rubs he has turned into a hilarious, cuddle loving cutie with some serious bounce in his step. Who knew such a tiny creature could teach you so much about love, patience and laughter?

If you are thinking of bringing a pet into your family, please consider adoption. So many wonderful pets out there need homes. It was truly one of the best decisions we ever made.

Happy anniversary buddy.

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