Monday, September 9, 2013

When Guests Come Before Blog

Confession: I had a party with delicious foods and I didn't blog it. In fact, I don't have a single photo. I probably could have found the time and the food was in fact beautiful (humble brag), but I didn't take photos. No regrets.

I love throwing parties because I love bringing the people I love together. Sometimes -- not always, I feel like I'm a self-serving hostess if I stop everything (and everyone) to take meticulous photos.

Put yourself in the guest's position, it's so awkward to arrive and everything is completely done and perfect -- and YOU have to be the first one to muss things. Even worse if you're the guest who has to take the first bite out of styled and photographed opus of food bloggerdome.

And okay, it's not completely about my guests. For me, the beginning of a party has an exciting momentum. Who will be the first to arrive? Starting up the playlist. First sips and bites. Good times are so close. Picture-taking sometimes just kills my vibes. Worst.Blogger.Ever.

So if I didn't take photos or give you a menu, why the heck are you reading this? See above note on worst blogger ever. What I lack in food photos, I can make up for in my favorite entertaining tip.

Only Finish 95%
My hosting goal is to about 95% finished when guests arrive, leaving an easy task or two to casually complete while socializing with the first guests. Even better if you have a simple job for your first guest or two to complete. I find that it sets a breezy tone for the whole party and lessens the awkwardness of being the first guest. Forget perfection.

I promise I won't keep having parties and not inviting you guys, I just needed to get this off my chest. I probably just need to suck it up and embrace that the people I love are THE MOST supportive of this whole blogging endeavor. Group hug.

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