Friday, August 9, 2013

Weekend Reading

Beyonce isn't the only one who got a haircut this week...

Are there couples out there sleeping in separate beds to better their relationship? At first this horrified me, but made me wonder if there are people that make this work. Count me out... I love the cuddle too much.
~via Jess Lively

Aint' no one got time for that! Bravo for other people who call a "bowl" dinner on weeknights.
~via Shutterbean

GRILLED caprese? Two of my favorite things. I'm in!
~via With Style and Grace

I usually ignore any and all celebrity advice (lose weight with a grilled chicken salad for lunch, huh? Shocker!), but thought this piece about turning 30 by Olivia Wilde was really well done. Also, I once saw her fiance, Jason Sudeikis on the street and he smiled at me. #Swoon.
~via Glamour

Colbert has adorable dance faces and some sexy moves.
~via Mashable

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