Tuesday, April 23, 2013

The Best of Carey On Lovely - Year One

It's my big anniversary week, so I'm going to get down like a real blogger and do some recapping. I feel so legit. In my first year, I wrote 133 posts... the vast majority of which were recipes. (Holler... that sounds so major when you write it out. Virtual self-hug.) So what were your favorites? Survey says...

#5 -- BBQ Pulled Pork Tacos -- BBQ is an artform and don't ever let someone tell you otherwise. Respect the sauce, respect the pig. Amen pork... amen 'Merica!

#4 -- Healthier Green Bean Casserole -- Long live fresh ingredients and real sauce. This is everything I love about a recipe makeover; flavors maintained, textures improved and the key ingredient (fried onions) untouched.

#3 -- Pumpkin Tortilla Soup with Chili Lime Chicken -- I still maintain that Starbuck's has indoctrinated the world to love pumpkin. Ditch the high-calorie latte and enjoy this sweet and savory soup.

#2 -- Earl Grey Panna Cotta -- I think I even surprised myself with this one. The flavor was incredible, texture creamy perfection and the serving appearance beyond cute. More variations to come, surely.

#1 -- Simple Secret: Massaged Kale Salad -- With just three ingredients and an under 5 minute prep this guy takes the cake. Bravo to you lovely readers for simplifying your lives. Simple really is best.

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