Wednesday, December 5, 2012

The Sparkler Pom-Pom Aluminum Christmas Tree

I'll admit it... I'm usually not that into Christmas decorations. This seems like some sort of cardinal blogging sin, I know. Don't get me wrong,  I've always loved a good outdoor lights display a la Clark Griswold, but around here, I was a little "meh" about the situation. Maybe its because I had roommates with decorations in the past or that my mother covers her house in enough glitter to decorate two drag bars. Whatever the reason may be, a few years ago, I literally found myself with not a single piece of holiday flair. 

It all changes this year... because of this baby: The Sparkler Pom-Pom Aluminum Christmas Tree (say that in the voice of Ralphie for the full effect).

After my Grandmother's passing earlier this year, my Dad came across this vintage gem from the genuine 1960s. Tacky and fully committed to sparkle-motion -- he knew I had to have it! I mean, can we talk about the individual fronds? I'm sure they're some sort of chemical hazard, but I LOVE them. 

And perfectly sized for a one bedroom apartment.

Came complete with the original packaging and everything. How charming.

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