Thursday, November 15, 2012

Thanksgiving Menu

So all this talk of Thanksgiving side dishes and what not, I thought you guys might be interested to know the full menu.

The husband, the tiny dog and I are headed to the great state of Kansas to celebrate with my my in-laws. Like me, my mother-in-law shares a desire to keep things on the lighter side. I'm all for indulgences, but I hate that "bad full" feeling that comes after so many big holiday meals.

And okay, this isn't THAT healthy. This is America after all.

Thanksgiving 2012

with pita chips

Cornbread Stuffing

with giblet gravy

Pumpkin Pie

And you know the best and least healthy part? We FRY that turkey! Oh yeah... the husband stands on the driveway with a can of beer and cooks up that puppy to a beautiful gold, crispy done. And juicy! Have you ever tried one?

Check out some pics from last year. Apparently I got hungry and forgot to take pictures of the finished product... I also didn't have a blog then. Also, disregard the husband's creepy mustache... he did Movember last year. It was gross.

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