Thursday, September 20, 2012

Year-Old Cake Makes Me Think

...we interrupt our regularly scheduled food  programming for a moment of thoughtfulness...

The Husband and I celebrated our one year anniversary last week and what a celebration we had! Have I mentioned that I'm completely spoiled by the greatest guy in the world? It's true. In grand tradition, we enjoyed a piece of our cake topper and watched our wedding video (this guy is THE BEST and he loves one of my dearest friends awful). It's so nice to have this video, because I frankly don't remember much of our wedding day... too much emotion to remember things.

Our marriage ceremony was very personal and officiated by my good friend Kevin. One of the things I do remember and was reminded of when we watched the video was Kevin asking this... what do you want to be famous for? 

The question was asked in a roundabout way involving Steak n'Shake references (that's just how Kevin is), but as we closed out our first year together, I found myself meditating on this question. In the context of a wedding ceremony, it meant that we should try to be famous for our love for one another and a great marriage....but this question goes so far beyond a marriage ceremony. 

I'm not sure "famous" is even the right word (you'll never catch me on American Idol), but rather what do you want to be KNOWN for? I'll try not to get too quarter-life-crisis on you here, but I think it's an important question to ask yourself. If my early twenties were supposed to be a time of figuring out who I wanted to be, I now find myself in my late twenties in a stage of becoming who I want to be. And it's increasingly apparent that I was totally off in the figuring out part (maybe it was all those beers and late night shenanigans). 

This becoming thing is a bit terrifying... mostly because I have nothing figured out. The question of what I want to be known for has really helped me to focus my thought and feel less overwhelmed. So while there's a lot I don't know about the future, I know that I want to be known for these things: 

-- My love and loyalty to my husband, family, friends and God.
-- An always open door and full table.
-- A creative spirit.
-- Laughing often. 

So in these overwhelming moments of figuring out and becoming, ground yourself in the end goal. What do you want to be known for?

...and now back to food blogging...

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  1. It's been pretty darn satisfying to be known as your proud father.


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